Private Cheese Tastings

We now offer private tasting events held in the location of your choice with one of our expert cheesemongers. This is a fun way to enjoy a unique tasting experience that will inform, entertain and delight!

It’s the perfect event for birthdays, teambuilding, or just a fun get-together with friends or family.

How it Works

  • Contact us to reserve a date/time and give us location details
    • Availability is limited; we are currently able to do private tastings Tuesdays-Fridays
    • Location may include private homes, public parks, event spaces, etc.
  • Choose your beverages (you’ll purchase/provide your own beverages for the group)
    • We will pair five cheeses with your beverages, so we suggest 4-6 beverages
    • Wine, beer or spirits work (we love partnering with Campbell Station Wine & Spirits to help choose your beverages), but so do non-alcoholic drinks like kombucha (try Frog Juice!), coffees, teas or even soda
    • The more information we have, the better the pairings are likely to be, so tasting notes are welcome (but not required)
  • We’ll choose the cheeses and put together individual Pairing Boxes with the five cheeses, along with accompanying pairings such as crackers, fruit, meat, jam, etc. (will vary depending on beverages and cheese)
  • We will deliver the Pairing Boxes to your location and one of our expert cheesemongers will guide your group through the pairings, offering history, fun facts and information about the cheeses, answering questions from your group and creating a memorable tasting experience
  • Tasting events typically last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours


  • $400 minimum, includes up to 8 people for an event within 10 miles of our shop location in Farragut, TN
    • $25 per person for additional participants
    • $50 for each additional 1-10 miles distance from our location

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