Our History

Euphoric Cheese Shop was created by long-time friends Amy Burritt and Cheri Intveld.

They weren’t always cheese experts — in fact, it wasn’t that long ago neither one knew how to pronounce “Garrotxa” (answer: GAH-ROH-CHUH) or what kind of beverage pairs best with aged gouda (answer: coffee, porter style beer, or a French Bordeaux) or which cheese is the unequivocally the best (answer: depends who you ask!). That said, Amy and Cheri have wedged their way into the fascinating world of cheese and love helping customers sample, select and savor cheese and charcuterie from their west Knoxville shop, which opened February 18, 2021, in Farragut.

Amy Burritt, Co-Owner

Amy comes from a family of foodies — in fact, her parents Kurt and Emily own a cheese shop in Asheville, NC (South Slope Cheese Co.) — so you could say her interest in specialty foods and cheese is in her genes!

When she isn’t serving up cheese, Amy can be found writing (she recently finished her first attempt at a novel), playing with her rescue mutt, Asher, or doing crossword puzzles.

She is a breast cancer survivor and a member of Breast Connect, Inc.

Amy’s favorite cheese changes with the seasons — and sometimes with the day of the week — so you’ll have to ask her yourself what her favorite cheese is at any given moment!

Cheri Intveld, Co-Owner

Cheri is an avid outdoorswoman, taking advantage of the beautiful Tennessee climate to enjoy running, biking and anything to do with the water.

She has a master’s degree in Recreation and Sports Management from the University of Tennessee, which comes in handy when you believe eating should be an Olympic sport!

Her heritage is Dutch, so an aged gouda is right up her alley, but she won’t shy away from a nice creamy cheddar or even Mimolette. And don’t get her started on her favorite brie, Fromager D’Affinois!

When she isn’t eating cheese (or running it off!), Cheri can be found doing a puzzle, reading a good book, or playing with her puppy, Piper.

In April 2021, Cheri was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and completed her treatment at the end of 2021. She documented her journey on PostHope.