Gift Cards, Gift Baskets & More

Look no further for your holiday gifting ideas! We have lots of options to help you give a delicious Christmas gift to everyone on your list.

Gift Cards

Yes, we have gift cards! We carry physical gift cards that you can purchase in our shop in any denomination you choose. It’s the perfect gift for the foodie who loves selecting their specialty food items as much as eating them!

We also offer digital gift cards that can be purchased over the phone (865-392-1199) and delivered via email to your email address so you can forward the gift card when you’re ready, or we can send it directly to the recipient with a brief message from you.

Gift Baskets

With at least one day’s notice, we are happy to assemble gift baskets for you based on the parameters you choose:

  • Refrigerated (to include cheese) or shelf-stable (no cheese)
  • Budgets ranging from $40-$400+
  • Special dietary needs (such as gluten-free, vegan, or nut-free)
  • …or any other special requests!

You’re also welcome to visit our shop, grab a basket of any size and choose the items yourself. We’ll give you the crinkle paper, cellophane bag and bow so you can wrap up a little happy for your recipient!

Dozens of Great Gift Items & Stocking-Stuffers

Whether you want to gift a perfect wedge of cheese, a book about making charcuterie boards, a beautiful wooden board handcrafted by a local artist, a professional cheese knife set, or a cute tea towel, we have a wide variety of gift ideas in stock. Here are just a few of the items we carry that make great gifts:

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