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December 10, 2020 by Tammy Cheek

With plans to open Euphoric Cheese Shop in early 2021, business partners Amy Burritt and Cheri Intveld are preparing to provide a full cheese experience in Farragut at 139 West End Ave. in West End Center.

“We will carry everything in full wheels of cheese that we will cut to order for customers,” Burritt said. “They can get any amount that they want, and they can sample it before they commit to that purchase to make sure they like what they’re buying.”

To accompany their cheese selections, Burritt said the store also will carry “everything you would need to put together an amazing charcuterie board for one person or 100 people.”

That could include a wide variety of cured and dried meats, nuts, crackers, cookies and dessert chocolates.

“We’ll have homemade spreads that we will make and sell as well,” Burritt said. “Basically, everything you would need to host a wonderful event for yourself, for two people or family and friends.”

“We’re definitely going to do some gift baskets, especially during the holidays,” Intveld said. “That would be something that would be fun to give … so somebody could have it and have their own little snack or meal.

“We’ll also be doing (to-go) boxes, which is not something specific to the holiday,” she added. “It would be really great for two people, and we will do it so you can pair it with your favorite beverage. Those (boxes) will be on hand all the time.”

Euphoric Cheese Shop also will do larger orders, such as for a family event.

“We will have charcuterie boxes; you can place an order a day or two days in advance and come pick that up and you’re ready to go,” Intveld said. “You don’t have to do all that prep work. You just have to open the box and say ‘Dig in, everybody.’”

Once the shop opens, customers will be able to order items over the phone, via e-mail or on its website, which will have an online store. Currently, the best way to follow the opening is on Cheese Shop and on Instagram at @Euphoroic Cheese Shop. Its website is

The idea for the shop has been a long-time dream.

“Cheri and I have wanted to start a business together for a long time,” Burritt said. “We have been friends for decades.

“The specific idea for a cheese shop came about this summer,” she added. “We both have a background in specialty food … that kind of served as the inspiration to do a cheese shop.”

“I think that we love cheese and everything else that goes with it,” Intveld said.

However, “You can’t just eat cheese alone: you eat it with crackers, you eat it with snacks, you eat it with chocolate, you eat it with a drink.”

“So, all those other things, too, becomes an experience, not just one food item,” Intveld added. “All of that together creates a really fun thing to do and something you can share with family and friends.”

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