Why the name Euphoric?

eu·phor·ic (yoo·for·ik) : characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness

Oxford Languages

Synonyms: elated, delighted, happy, joyful, joyous, gleeful, excited

What does a name like Euphoric Cheese Shop have to do with producing a good harvest or building better relationships with the people in your life? Read on to find out.

Choosing the perfect name (no pressure!)

In the process of choosing a name for our business, we came up with (and threw out) dozens upon dozens of options. In the interest of self-preservation, we reserve the right to not share the worst ideas. Of the less-bad ideas, some were fun but not quite the right personality, like Chez Cheese or Knoxville Cheese Culture, or a little too on-the-nose, such as The Cheese Shop or The Perfect Cheese. Others were in the right vein, but just didn’t have the feeling we were going for, such as Wedge + Wheel Cheese Shop, Yellowbird Cheese Shop, or Harvest Cheese Shop. Ideas from co-owner Amy Burritt included Amy’s Cheese Shop and Burritt’s Cheese Shop, which were promptly vetoed by co-owner Cheri Intveld, for perhaps obvious reasons.

In the end, the names to which we were most drawn were those which hinted at something greater than cheese itself, with themes such as connecting with people, serving up good food, and the feelings of joy that often envelope us as we gather around a cheese and charcuterie board enjoying one another’s company. Harvest Cheese Shop almost won our hearts until, at the last moment, the word “euphoric” rose to the top. Flipping through a book of Greek words, Amy, a self-proclaimed word-nerd, stumbled not-so-coincidentally across the word euphoreo:

The Greek word “euphoreo” comes from two smaller words: eu, meaning well or well done! and phero, meaning to bring, bear or carry. Together, they form a new meaning of producing a good crop and being fruitful, and these same words form the basis of the English word with which we’re more familiar: euphoric. The definition of euphoric is characterized by or feeling intense excitement or happiness, which, not being farmers, we presume is exactly what it might feel like to reap a really good harvest. That sealed the deal.

So what kind of “good harvest” are we expecting, exactly?

That’s our favorite part of this whole story — the whole business, in fact.

As a small business, we of course hope and expect to make a living as we serve up cheese and its accoutrements to our customers, but that’s not what we mean by a good harvest.

Instead, we have our hearts set on two things:

First, that by serving and loving each person who walks through our doors, we will be able to make lasting connections and a meaningful impact on our customers, community, vendors, neighbors and anyone else we have the opportunity to meet; and second, that by providing the best cheese, charcuterie meats, olives, crackers, chocolate and everything else that goes on a charcuterie board, we can help you, our customer, reap a good harvest in your own social circles, so you can have meaningful connections with the people in your life.

Charcuterie boards (or nosh plates, or grazing tables, or whatever you like to call them!) have a special way of bringing people together to enjoy something not only delicious, but memorable, full of the unique history and stories and interesting tidbits that come with every cheese we sell. These conversations that start with cheese so often progress into deeper conversations about one’s own experiences, travels, memories, hopes and dreams. We can’t help but anticipate what wonderful connections will be made around the next charcuterie board.

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  1. Elizabeth Grant says:

    As cheese lovers, foodies, and lovers of sharing fabulous noshes with others, my husband and I look forward to coming by your shop.

    BTW – I also like one of the names you considered for your shop: Knoxville Cheese Culture… clever 😉

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