This Saturday (10/16): Buy Cheese, Support Local Breast Cancer Organization

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Euphoric Cheese Shop will be donating 20% of sales and 100% of tips on Saturday, October 16, to Breast Connect, Inc., a local nonprofit organization created to empower breast cancer patients by connecting them with information, resources and friendships.

The owners of Euphoric Cheese Shop, Amy Burritt and Cheri Intveld, are both breast cancer survivors. Diagnosed in July 2020, Burritt heard about Breast Connect, Inc., from her surgeon. “I was 37 years old and totally stunned by my diagnosis and impending double mastectomy,” says Burritt. “The Breast Connect group was an incredible network of survivors who could answer questions and provide support.” But that was just the tip of the iceberg, says Burritt. “Breast Connect helped me find other resources throughout my recovery — and they sent me flowers and a care package after my surgery. It made a huge impact on me at a really difficult time.”

Amy Burritt after her double mastectomy surgery in August 2020, along with flowers from Breast Connect, Inc.

Intveld, who was diagnosed in April 2021 at age 38, has also found invaluable support through the group. “It helps you realize you’re not alone. I was matched with another survivor who had a similar diagnosis and was able to meet with her and learn about her experience and some of what to expect on my own journey.”

Burritt and Intveld hope to raise awareness and give back to the breast cancer community through their fundraiser on October 16.

Nina Reineri, President of Breast Connect, has met both Amy and Cheri. “It came as a shock to all of us when Cheri was diagnosed right after Amy’s recovery, but we were happy to step in and help in any way we could. We are honored that Amy and Cheri decided to do the Euphoric event, and hope everyone comes out to shop on October 16.” Reineri goes on to say “And if you or someone you know and love receives a diagnosis of breast cancer here in the East Tennessee area, it is our hope they find Breast Connect. It is our mission to make anyone’s journey and experience of this disease easier than it would be without Breast Connect in their life.”

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